Inspection Services

Our Inspection Department provides a variety of services for most industries and environments. With extensive industry experience our inspection team has the knowledge and attention to detail to best serve your needs.

EQE’s inspection capabilities include:

Stack Inspections
Tank and Vessel Inspections
U.T. Surveys

Quench Box rust3
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Piping Inspections
Waste Water Treatment Facility Inspections
Walking and Working Surfaces Inspections
O.S.H.A. Crane Inspections
Crane Girder Inspections
Light Pole Inspections
Electrical Tower Inspections (Low Voltage)
Lifting Device Inspections
Utility Pipe Bridge Inspections
Ore Bridge Inspections
Stacker/Reclaimer Inspections
Highline Inspections
Pipe Support Inspections
Assembly Line Conveyors Inspections
Conveyor Gallery Inspections
Material Storage Bin and Hopper Inspections
Containment Area Inspections
Gutter Plate Inspections
Various Building Inspections
Fall Protection System Inspections
Gas Cleaning System Inspections
Structural Inspections of Mobile Machinery and Equipment
Rail Bridges and Trestle Inspections
Civil Bridges and Trestle Inspections


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Company Overview

EQ Engineers is a multi-disciplined engineering and professional services company that has been successfully serving our clients for over a decade. With engineers of all backgrounds we have the capability and experience to meet most design and construction engineering requirements for industrial and commercial engineering projects.

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If you would like to discuss your particular engineering situation or need to request more information about EQE please contact us at:

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